Breathe and Stretch on the Beach


Meet the Newest Book from Mrs. Frizzi!

Breathe and Stretch on the Beach is the second children's book from beloved author, Julie Frizzi. A twist on the standard book, it is an interactive listening game that can be used in the classroom or at home by teachers, counselors, parents or anyone working with children ages 3 and up. After learning poses, leader will name poses in any order to encourage deep breathing, stretching, and relaxing. 

Participants Will 
•Understand and use controlled breathing
•Practice personal space by moving safely without touching others
•Use self-control by using nonverbal communication only
•Transfer focus to life
•Enhance self-awareness
•Change negative self-talk to positive self-talk
•Increase Joy, Strength, Gratitude & Confidence

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Here are some of the poses from Breathe and Stretch on the Beach: 

• Coconut Tree, Eagle, Airplane: I am focused                                  

 • Sports Boat, Charge Your Battery, Flying Fish: I am full of energy
•Hurricane: I step aside for others
• Crab: I let my light shine
• Paddleboard: I am responsible for what I say, think and do
• Swordfish: I stick with it
• Seahorse: I can change
• Mermaid, Sand Dollar, Starfish: I am calm 

•Friends Eating Oysters: I am a good friend
•Sailor Salute, Captian on Deck, Captain's Parrot: I believe in me
• Sun, Wave, Coconut: I am grateful
• Volcano: I am a problem solver
• Shark: I am fierce
• Coral: I am unique
• Surfer dudette 1 & 2: I flow with life
• Lightning bolt: I am powerful





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