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See the true stories from teachers, counselors and parents as they are using Powerful You!

“You gave clear, relevant, and practical information about how mindfulness can be incorporated in the classroom and, more importantly, the benefits to students.” 

-Dr. Russell A. Sabella, Professor, Counseling, Florida Gulf Coast University


“My school counselors and I loved Julie Frizzi’s workshop! It was engaging and full of useful strategies that the school counselors can use to improve their student’s social emotional behaviors. My school counselors have already began implementing the techniques with their students and have found them to be successful.

~Deidre Skaggs,  Polk County School Counseling Coordinator

“I returned from the IAG conference in Indy on Wednesday and began using the Powerful You lessons immediately. The 4th graders LOVE it! And, I do too! We have learned friends holding oysters, starfish, and sand dollar, and how to breathe. What a difference in the overall tone of the classroom with just (2) ten minute sessions a day. Love love love it!!” Christina Austin, 4th grade teacher

“I came to the conference hoping to get something to put into my classroom that would make a shift, and your information came just at the right time.   My kids have already used my ball to help breathe, I’m ordering more!  The breathing and stretching has been a fun part of our morning meetings. You taking a risk made a difference in my room!! Thank you! Coming to join the sunshine in my  FL paradise in 5 days.  I might need the deep breathing ball to get to that point!! 😃”. Holly O’Neill

The book is put together very well. I know I will even be putting some of the strategies to work in my life. I loved it! The stories of the kids are amazing!

Posted by Cassy Eaton on Thursday, November 3, 2016

 “I have used and cherished this book during my small group counseling sessions this year. The stories and activities are of perfect length to keep students engaged and the activities allow me to complete an entire segment in as little as 30 minutes. This book is structured very clear and easy to sort through.  I love the positive quotes and my students have given great feedback about the breathing techniques. I feel these exercises foster awareness about one’s body and mind. This book is not only beautifully illustrated, but it offers a flexible verity of interchangeable exercises. It has been my favorite go-to tool so far.”      Mrs. Tanja Smith, School Counselor


This is a fabulous tool for students, parents, educators, therapists and anyone working with children ages 7-10.
— Amazon Customer
An inspirational book that will have an impact on kids and adults. I wish all kids across the country could read this book
— Blaise
It’s my new favorite! I have been a practicing LCSW for 17 years and have found this book to be my new FAVORITE! It is a terrific asset that is delightfully illustrated! It is a book that is easily incorporated into practice with young children but honestly as an adult I truly enjoyed it! There are useful workbook type exercises. The real life stories are easy for young children to relate to and the book is very well organized. Highly recommend this for practicing therapists, teachers, counselors or parents.
— Denise, LCSW
I love Powerful You so Much! I just used Zoned in Zeb for a K and 1 Boys’ Group, they were so mesmerized by my breathing ball and Zeb’s story that we actually made some progress today!
— Denise, School Counselor

 "Direct Dalia lesson worked like a charm for a very large group of 4th grade girls!!!   Thank you so much!  It was an amazing counseling session!"  Amy Gaillard, School Counselor