ASCA National Standards & Powerful You


Each of the stories in Powerful You follows the ASCA National Standards. The ASCA National Standards was developed by the American School Counselor Association. It was created for students and to help school counselors in their work with students. The ASCA National Standards can be used to identify and prioritize the specific attitudes, knowledge and skills that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of participating in a school counseling program.

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Explore the ASCA National Standards in Powerful You:

A=Academic Development, C=Career Development, PS=Personal/Social Development

Adjusting Anna – A1.12, C:A2.3, PS:A1.4, PS:A1.11, PS:B1.4, PS:C1.11

Belonging Ben – A:A3.2,  C:A1.4, C:A2.1, A:B1.4,  C:C2.3, PS:A1.9

Changing Charlie – PS:C1.7,

Direct Dalia – A:A2.3, PS:A2.1, PS:A2.6

Encouraging Eddie – A:A1.5, A:A3.1, A.A3.5,

Faking It Fran – A:A1.1, A.A1.4, PS.A1.1, PS:A1.10, PS:B1.11

Grateful Gretta – C:C1.5, C:C1.7

Home Organizer Hal – A:B1.7, A:B2.3,  C:A1.7,  C:A2.9

Inspiring Izzie –  A:A.3, A:C1.1, A:C1.2, C:A1.3,   CA1.8,  C:A1.9, C:1.3, C:C2.1, PS:B1.5, PS:B1.6

preJUDGED Jamal – C:A2.5, PS:A2.2, PS:A2.3, PS:A2.4, PS:A2.5, PS:B1.7

Kind Karen – PS:A1.2, PS:A2.8, PS:A1.2

Listening Lucy –  A:A2.3, PS:A2.2, PS:A2.7

Mannerly Mike – A:A3.4

Noticing Naima –  PS:A1.5

Optimistic Oreda – A:A1.2, A:A1.3, C:A2.7, PS:A1.8, PS:B1.2

Pausing Pablo – PS:B1.2, PS:B1.3

Quieting Quin – PS: C1.10, PS:C1.11

Reporting Roxy –C:C2.2, PS:A1.6, PS:A1.7, PS:C1.1, PS:C1.2, PS:C1.5, PS:C1.6,

Stand Up Stella – PS:A1.6, PS:A1.7, PS:C1.3, PS:C1.4

Tenacious Tim – A:B2.5, C:A1.5,  PS:B1.1, PS:B1.3

Unmovable Uriel – PS:B1.8, PS:C1.8, PS:C1.9

Valuing Van – A:B1.3, A:B2.6, A:B2.7, A:C1.3, A:C1.5, AC1.6, C:A1.2, C:A1.6, C: B1.1,  C:B1.2, C:A1.10, C:C1.1, C:C1.2,  PS:A1.3, PSB1.12

Wondrous Will – PS:A1.5,

eXtra Effort Xaiden – A:A2.1, A:A2.2, A:A2.4, C:A2.8, A:B1.6,

Yessing Yula – C:A2.2

Zoned In Zeb -  A:A2.2, , A:A2.4, A:B1.1