Powerful You Educator Kit

Powerful You Educator Kit

WHY Powerful You?

More grabbing and going - Less planning  

More opening up- Less withdrawing

More coping strategies – Less acting out

More energy – Less coffee

More positivity – Less complaining 

More focus – Less distractions

More breathing – Less stress

more connection and communication – Less guilt

more movement - Less boredom

more self-awareness – Less discipline problems

More presence – Less anxiety and regret

HOW Do You Use It?


1.   First, breathe and stretch with the children.  This gives children (and yourself) deep breathing practice and allows movement before the Powerful You lesson (5 min).   

2.   Read the story from the educator card and watch connection when children see each picture. Meet the Powerful You kids here (5 min).   

3.   Stand tall and practice the positive self-talk aloud.  Then teach each them so say it quietly in their head (5 min).

4.   Allow children to turn and talk time with each journaling question (10 min). 

5.   Display and review the classroom social skills sign (5 min). 

6. Add your own style. You are more powerful than you know! 

WHEN Do You Use Powerful You?

Share one 30 minute lesson each week (26 lessons included for primary and 26 for intermediate). Review as needed.

WHO uses Powerful You?

Powerful You is being used around the nation by school counselors, classroom teachers, administrators and families.


3 Reasons to Choose Powerful You

  1. A relationship builder that provides 26 proactive classrooms lessons to reduce discipline issues in the classroom in just 30 minutes per week.

  2. A team-building tool that allows kids to interact with classmates and share what is happening in their personal lives.

  3. An affordable proactive program that integrates movement with emotional wellness.

Helpful Educator Tips

Learn 4 ways to bring breathing into your classroom. www.powerfulyou.info
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