Breathe and Stretch on the Beach(Pre-K-12 )

Breathe and Stretch on the Beach(Pre-K-12 )


Breathe and Stretch on the Beach is twist on the standard book - it is an interactive listening game that can be used in the classroom or at home by teachers, counselors, parents or anyone working with children ages 3 -12. After learning poses, leader will name poses in any order to encourage deep breathing, stretching, and relaxing. 

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Participants Will: 
•Understand and use controlled breathing
•Practice personal space by moving safely without touching others
•Use self-control by using nonverbal communication only
•Transfer focus to life
•Enhance self-awareness
•Change negative self-talk to positive self-talk
•Increase Joy, Strength, Gratitude & Confidence

Who loves to Breathe and Stretch on the Beach?

  • Educators use as a brain break to improve listening, nonverbal communication, personal space, manners, strength, and friendship. 
  • Physical Education teachers play before lessons to provide stretching
  • Counselors, psychologists, and mentors use to teach social skills
  • Friends “dance” together and flow through poses with music.  
  • Families connect by changing Friends Eating Oysters to Family Eating Oysters.
  • Children play ALONE to quiet themselves and unplug from the world!

Here are some of the poses from Breathe and Stretch on the Beach: 
•Friends Eating Oysters: I am a good friend
•Sailor Salute, Captian on Deck, Captain's Parrot: I believe in me
• Sun, Wave, Coconut: I am grateful
• Volcano: I am a problem solver
• Shark: I am fierce
• Coral: I am unique
• Surfer dudette 1 & 2: I flow with life
• Lightning bolt: I am powerful
• Coconut Tree, Eagle, Airplane: I am focused
• Sports Boat, Charge Your Battery, Flying Fish: I am full of energy
•Hurricane: I step aside for others
• Crab: I let my light shine
• Paddleboard: I am responsible for what I say, think and do
• Swordfish: I stick with it
• Seahorse: I can change
• Mermaid, Sand Dollar, Starfish: I am calm