5 Easy Goal Setting Steps for the Classroom

Goal Setting With Children

Goal Setting With Children

What is holding you back from getting what you want  2018?  What are your hopes and dreams? Do you need LESS stress, worry, fear, complaining, clutter, judgement, tension, chaos, or loneliness?  What do you need to ADD to your life?  Do you need MORE love, forgiveness, friendship,  openness, gratitude, organization, faith, joy, peace, or time?  What you need is already inside you.    It is the same for children.  When you ask children what they want more of in their life, it usually means they need to let go of something else.  Here are 5 easy steps for teachers to use with children to start the year off in a positive direction.

1.  Make a list of what students want more of in the classroom.  

2.  Make a list of what students want less of in the classroom.

3. Choose together one word from each list. 

4.  Use white poster board and a large black marker to make a simple classroom sign:

Goals for 2018

MORE______(one word)____    

LESS______(one word)___

5.  Take a classroom picture with children holding sign to display in your room.  

Valuing Van from Powerfulyou.info helps kids set goals.

Valuing Van from Powerfulyou.info helps kids set goals.

For more tips and resources on goal setting visit Valuing Van from Powerful You.  


Julie Frizzi