2018-19 Yearly Powerful You Guidance Plan



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August – Cooperation

I am cooperative.

Teamwork, Adjusting, Effort

3-5 Powerful You Ben, Hal,  Anna, Xaiden

Work together • Play by the rules • Take turns and share • Be a good neighbor • Support others • Respect authority • Protect the environment • Be a good citizen • Clean up along the way • Do your part for the team • Find everyone’s strengths • Take turns and share • Be a good neighbor • Follow school rules • Give your best effort • Win and lose without bragging or complaining • Contribute to class discussions • Accept change •


September – Respect

I am respectful.

Manners, Listening, Health

3-5 Powerful You Mike, Charlie, Lucy

Follow the Golden Rule • Be accepting of differences • Listen to your teacher the first time • Be considerate of the feelings of others • Use kind words, kind feet & kind hands • Follow school rules • Be courteous and polite • Practice manners • Be Patient • Hold the door open for others • Say “please and thank-you” • Step aside for others • Listen without interrupting • Take care of your body


October – Responsibility

I am responsible.

Study Skills, Bully behavior, Reporting

3-5 Powerful You Roxy, Van, Stand-up Stella

Complete classwork and homework on time • Plan ahead • Be on time • Always do your best • Write assignments in planner • Think before you act • Consider the consequences • Be accountable for your words and actions • Be a role-model • Be at school only unless you are sick • Report Danger • Find the goodness in others • Stand up for yourself and others


November – Resourcefulness

I am resourceful.

Problem solving, Feelings, Grit

3-5 Powerful You Tim, Naima Anna  

Solve problems peacefully • Never give up • Be open-minded - listen to understand others • Get help when needed • Try different solutions to problems • Look for new ways to do things • Learn all you can • Calm yourself down when feelings are strong • Express your feelings• Be an independent problem solver • Accept Change •  


December – Trustworthiness

I am trustworthy.

Friendship, Gossip

3-5 Powerful You Dalia, Izzie, Lucy, Uriel

Be honest • Only take what belongs to you • Do what you say you’ll do • Admit when you are wrong • Build a good reputation • Never blame others carelessly • Show integrity by keeping your word • Forgive and move on • Never gossip • Be a loyal friend • Never gossip • Build positive peer pressure •


January - Self-Control

I am in control.

Managing emotions

3-5 Powerful You Charlie, Pablo, Naima, Tim, Uriel

Control your temper • Manage your strong feelings • Adjust when needed • Practice good posture • Put things back in their “home” • Build healthy habits • Choose friends carefully • Consider consequences • Think before you act • Avoid clutter • Be a part of the solution • Use time wisely • Be resilient • Practice deep breathing • Avoid negative peer pressure



February – Kindness

I am kind.

Gratitude, Kindness

3-5 Powerful You Karen, Lucy, Eddie, Gretta,

 Be compassionate and show you care • Express gratitude • Forgive others • Help people in need • Fill classmates buckets • Use your words and actions to uplift others • Include others • Look at people when they speak • Write thank you notes • Notice when others are hurting • Give without expecting back • Be of service • Appreciate people who help you • Step aside for others •


March – Acceptance

I am accepting.

Diversity, Self-Esteem

3-5 Powerful Jamal, Fran

Appreciate differences • Recognize strengths • Be a role model to younger students • Celebrate your heritage • Believe in yourself • Understand that everyone has their own personal struggles • Be considerate of others beliefs, views, and opinions • Never put others down until you have walked in their shoes


April- Determination

I am determined.

Effort, Peer Pressure, Goal Setting

3-5 Powerful You Xaiden, Van, Uriel

Plan ahead • Persevere - Keep on trying! • Always do your best • Use self-control • Think before you act • Set goals • Don’t be afraid to stand alone • Give effort • Be unmoved by negative peer pressure • Learn from mistakes • Find your passion • Voice your opinion


May – Leadership

I am a leader.


3-5 Powerful You Oreta, Eddie

Have a cheerful attitude • Be an energy giver • Plan for your future • Take safe risks • Treat every job as important • Adjust when needed • Look for the positive • Encourage others in the right direction • Smile • Look for ways to connect with others • Encourage others in the right direction • Be a good sport • Take notes