4 Tips to Help Children with Feelings & Kindness

Scatter kindness to yourself, family/friends, and people who have been unkind to you!

Scatter kindness to yourself, family/friends, and people who have been unkind to you!

Life is like a pickle. Sometimes it’s sweet and kind, and sometimes it feels sour. We have a little bit of both. Sometimes our thoughts get in the way and we feel negatively, which results in blaming others, self-pity, or fear. These negative feelings don’t allow us to move forward.

Children in the classroom or at home are no different. They might arrive to school after a disagreement with a friend or fight at home . You see it in their body. Their shoulders are hunched and their eyes look glazed.

How can we help these wounded children?

Here are four simple steps to help children navigate their feelings:

  1. Notice and name the feeling. Maybe they can’t name the exact feeling, but they know if feels sour or bad.

  2. Stay in the feeling, ALL feelings are ok. Stay in the feeling a bit and recognize how it feels in the body. Do they feel it in their hands, heart, fist, eyes, mouth, face. Don’t run from the feeling. Many want to resist, avoid, numb, or escape the feeling. Simply stay.

  3. Breathe into the feeling. Take 5-10 slow breaths in through the nose and feel the rib cage expand. Make each EXHALE long and smooth. Stay with that feeling a little longer and breathe into it.

  4. CHOOSE KINDNESS and say, “I am kind.” Slowly change the negative self-talk to positive. As they say the words, “I am kind”, they will feel the power of kindness in their body and change the way they stand, sit, look, smile, and walk.

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