T - Turn-Taker Trish - Sharing/Trading/Taking Turns

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Turn Taker Trish is the twentieth of the stories from Powerful You Primary. Trish helps children use effective collaboration and cooperation skills. She also demonstrates advocacy skills and the ability to assert self, when necessary (ASCA Behavior - Social Skills Standards 7 & 8). Trish also fosters a sense of belonging in the school environment
(ASCA Mindset 3).

Powerful You Primary (K-2) Directions:

  1. Before every lesson, practice Breathing and Stretching. https://www.powerfulyou.info/breathe-and-stretch-book.

  2. Read one A-Z Powerful You themed story (26 social skills lessons).

  3. Teach the positive self talk: Say it 3 times out loud.  Then teach children to say it in their head.   Practice with confidence, “T - I take turns.”

  4. Review and post the Classroom Social Skills Sign that compliments each lesson.

  5. Additional Activities: Use the practice/writing from the Powerful You book. 

  6. Role-Play: Allow the children to hold the Powerful You PRIMARY Educator Card and act out different scenarios.

  7. Review self-talk from previous lessons until children have memorized every Powerful You letter!  Use the Powerful You PRIMARY Educator cards like giant flash cards! A - I am attentive | B - I am brave…

  8. See More resources below.

Julie Frizzi