Z- Zesty Zhen - Goal Setting

Zesty Zhen is the twenty-sixth of the stories from Powerful You Primary. Zhen helps children Identify long- and short-term academic, career and social/emotional goals (ASCA Behavior - Learning Strategy Standard 7). Zhen also fosters self-motivation and self- direction to learning (ASCA Behavior- Learning Strategy Standard 4). Zhen encourages students to understand that life-long learning is necessary for long-term career success (Mindset 4).

Powerful You Primary (K-2) Directions:

  1. Practice Breathing and Stretching with every lesson. https://www.powerfulyou.info/breathe-and-stretch-book.

  2. Read one A-Z Powerful You themed story (26 social skills lessons).

  3. Teach the positive self talk: Say it 3 times out loud.  Then teach children to say it in their head.   Practice with confidence, “A - I am attentive!”

  4. Review and post the Classroom Social Skills Sign that compliments each lesson.

  5. Additional Activities: Use the practice/writing from the Powerful You book. 

  6. Role-Play: Allow the children to hold the Powerful You PRIMARY Educator Card and act out different scenarios.  

  7. Review self-talk from previous lessons until children have memorized every Powerful You letter!  Use the Powerful You PRIMARY Educator cards like giant flash cards! A - I am attentive | B - I am brave…

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