One Free Tool to Reduce Text Anxiety


Has there been an increase in students visiting the school nurse?  Our bodies often tell us we are stressed in the form of a headache, upset stomach, shortness of breath, sweating, feeling negative, depression, crying, racing thoughts or blanking out.  One underused and organic tool to combat this is our own breath.  Unfortunately, children often breathe quickly and don't take time to slow it down.  The 5 minute video below can be used to demonstrate breathing while adding stretching.  Deep, slow breathing through your nose will send a message to your brain to calm down.    

Increase focus and reduce stress by taking 5 minutes to practice breathing and stretching each morning with your children!

14-Powerful You! Skill Signs-1.jpg

Noticing Naima from Powerful You

Naima is the 14th story in the resource book POWERFUL YOU. Children connect with her story and understand that other's feel scared of tests, too. Share her story and empower your children.

Julie Frizzi