How Do You Stretch with Your Students During Testing?

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Breathe and Stretch During Testing.

Today I proctored an important reading test for 5th grade students.  As I watched students' body language during the test, it was obvious that self-doubt was flooding their thoughts.  Their shoulders began to hunch as their scrunched faces leaned closer to their computers.  During the break, my teaching partner asked me to breathe and stretch with the students.  Consistent breathing and stretching practice before every Powerful You guidance lesson gave the children a reliable tool to use during testing.   The students filled their lungs with fresh oxygen several times, sending a clear signal to their brain to calm down.  Adding stretches to their breath allowed students to release hidden stress.  Additionally, positive self-talk statements from Powerful You such as “I am in the zone” or “I can do hard things’ empowered them.   The energy in the room changed, and students concentrated on the task to be completed with energy and focus. Keep it simple.  Do these 3 things to reduce stress:

1.  Practice breathing.  

2.  Add stretching  (from the book Powerful You)

55-Powerful YOU! Educator Cards_BACK Cover was later changed-1.jpg

3.  Add positive self talk. 

The bonus to leading students in breathing and stretching is that it will energize YOU You are more powerful that you know!  I appreciate all of you who have signed up for this newsletter!   Mrs Frizzi  

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