Irma's Lessons: 10 Tips to Survive the Storms in Life


Irma's Powerful Life Lessons: 

10 Tips to Survive Storms in Your Life Irma's Lessons

Powerful You is located in Bonita Springs, Florida where the eye of hurricane Irma powerfully ripped through the state. The strong emotions I experienced during the storm has changed my life forever.   We all have storms in life such as divorce, job loss, sickness, or the loss of a loved one.  Here are 10 tips that will guide youduring your storms.
1.  There is no need to collect too many items before the storm.  You can’t take them with you.
2.  Don’t allow fear to cripple you before the storm.  Move slowly, breathe deeply, and focus on the moment. 
3.  You have done your best to prepare for the storm.  Instead of“SHOULDS” or “I WISH I’D DONES”, relax and know you have given it your all.
4.  In the eye of the storm there is peace.  Surrender and recognize there are some things you can’t control.
5.  Coconut trees bend during a storm and are often flattened.  They have learned to flow with life and spring up after the storm. 
6.  The OLD oak trees are wise and strong because they have learned to bend through stress rather than break. 
7.  The sun continues to rise and set no matter what has happened to you. 
8.  There is something more powerful than you.
9.  After the storm, find beauty in silence and darkness.  The North Star will guide you to a new beginning.
10.  The old grandfather clock remains a constant before, during, and after the storm.  Its quarterly chime reminds you to BE PRESENT. 

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Hurricane Relief: Books for Children after Natural Disasters

A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret M Holmes

This book can be used for discussing a traumatic event such as Hurricane Irma. Herman saw a terrible thing, which will open the door for classroom discussions regarding fears and changes caused by Irma.   You can also click here for tips on handling trauma.

A Terrible Thing Happened
By Margaret M. Holmes, Sasha J. Mudlaff

Powerful You

After years of searching for the perfect guidance curriculum, I chose to create my own. This colorful, easy-to-use resource book consists of true stories told by classroom children from A-Z.  Each lesson from Powerful You follows the ASCA national standards, includes a powerful affirmation, self-discovery journaling questions, and a variety of inspiring activities/tips for children. 

Powerful You Book (Grades 2+)
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These stories and activities will empower children to create the life they want, regardless of what has happened to them.  Everything they need to shine is already inside! Learn more.