Belonging Ben - Teamwork

Belonging Ben from Powerful You encourages children to contribute in class and home.  The positive self-talk  this month in POWERFUL YOU  is, "I Belong and Contribute." In Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of human needs, belonging lies in the center.  By belonging to a group, we feel we are something bigger than ourselves.  Not only do we learn to lean on our group for support, much joy comes from pitching in and speaking up.   Belonging Ben’s positive self-talk is “I belong and contribute.”  How do you contribute to your class or home?   

How can you contribute to your family?  Did you know animals teach humans about teamwork?  

  1. The cattle egret eats parasites off the cow, while the cow stirs up insects from the ground for the egret. Communication builds stronger relationship.

  2. While flying in a V form, the Canadian geese will step in for the leader when they are sick. Usually the last one of the line comes to the front. Team players are always ready to assist the leader if needed.

  3. The honeybees live in a hive of 60,000 bees and each bee has a specific job. Everyone must know their job.

  4. Wolves howl together to create social bonds. Encouraging classmates to get to know each other will form a strong team.

  5. The elder orca coaches and encourages young whales to hunt. Trying new things will enhance learning.

Discover more about animals and team-building tips at Museum Hack here.

Ben will show you the importance of teamwork and cooperation.  

Click here for 26 Educator Cards including Belonging Ben.

Click here for 26 Educator Cards including Belonging Ben.

Have your class form a large circle.  Teach them Supported Tree Pose from Powerful You (See Belonging Ben).  Once in tree pose have students clasp hands to stay balanced.  Place this ENERGY STICK between two students clasped hands.  Watch it light up when everyone is supporting each other.  Oh, and remember to BREATHE deep while in tree pose!!  

Toysmith Sci-Fi Tube
Tractor Mac Teamwork
By Billy Steers
Junkyard Wonders
By Patricia Polacco

Great book for boys and girls on adjusting and teamwork.  Also introduces children into a great series.  

A Teamwork story!   

The Enormous Potato
By Aubrey Davis

This book will help children see that It is not all about winning, it is about how we play the “game.”  If we try our best, work together, and make good choices, our life will be fulfilling.  We will face many obstacles in life and there will be lots of people to support us along the way. 

Is There Really a Human Race?
By Jamie Lee Curtis
By Leo Lionni
Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Teamwork Isn’t my Thing and I Don’t Like to Share

Julia Cook offers a great book that can be read to any age.  Teamwork Isn’t my Thing and I Don’t Like to Share  can be used to start your year and encourage cooperation.

A beautiful story about community building and looking forward to your dreams.


Stone Soup
By Jon J Muth

Playing on a volleyball team requires teamwork.  

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