Changing Charlie - Health

Changing Charlie is the third of the stories from Powerful You (grades 2-adult). Charlie encourages critical-thinking skills to make informed decisions (ASCA Behavior – Learning Strategy Standard 1). Anna also fosters development of whole self, including a healthy balance of mental, social/emotional and physical well-being (ASCAMindset 1).

Powerful You Intermediate Instructions

20-25 minutes per week for each of the 26 social skills lessons

1.    Breathe and Stretch before every lesson.  Feel the benefits in YOUR body and mind.  Kids love the breathing ball

2.   Read the true short story from the 8.5 x 11 Powerful You Educator Cards and watch connection radiate in your class.

3.    Stand tall and practice positive self-talk.

4.   Open the lines of communication by allowing children turn & talk time with each journaling question from the Powerful You Educator Card. (use transition chime to move through questions quickly)

5.   Display the Classroom Social Skills Sign.  Leave a classroom footprint of emotional wellness. 

6.   Use the Powerful You Book for positive quotes and additional activities that correspond to each A-Z lesson. Add your ideas to this resource book.  You are more powerful than you know!  

7.   Purchase The Powerful You Educator Kit . (Includes all resources for grades 3 and up)

8.   See more resources below.

eurons are always firing together to create new pathways in the brain?

Charlie knows he must make sure he is taking good care of his incredible machine made of blood and love and hope!

Charlie will help you create healthy habits.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids
By Sean Covey A great resource for creating healthy habits.

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