Mannerly Mike - Manners

Mannerly Mike is the thirteenth of the stories from Powerful You (grades 2-adult). Mike helps children demonstrate the ability to balance school, home andcommunity activities (ASCA Behavior - Self-Management Skill Standard 8). Mike also fosters a positive attitude toward work and learning (ASCA Mindset 6). 

Powerful You Intermediate Instructions

20-25 minutes per week for each of the 26 social skills lessons

1.    Breathe and Stretch before every lesson.  Feel the benefits in YOUR body and mind.  Kids love the breathing ball

2.   Read the true short story from the 8.5 x 11 Powerful You Educator Cards and watch connection radiate in your class.

3.    Stand tall and practice positive self-talk.

4.   Open the lines of communication by allowing children turn & talk time with each journaling question from the Powerful You Educator Card. (use transition chime to move through questions quickly)

5.   Display the Classroom Social Skills Sign.  Leave a classroom footprint of emotional wellness. 

6.   Use the Powerful You Book for positive quotes and additional activities that correspond to each A-Z lesson. Add your ideas to this resource book.  You are more powerful than you know!  

7.   Purchase The Powerful You Educator Kit . (Includes all resources for grades 3 and up)

8.   See more resources below.

180 Days of Manners by Donna B. Forrest & Jenny Menger can be used by parents before dinner or bed to integrate manners into a daily routine.  It is also great to have as a resource for administrators or teachers who do the morning school news.  Keep it simple with this book!

180 Days of Manners
By Donna B. Forrest, Jenny Menger

This video was made for primary children but beneficial for all grade levels.  Even adults can be reminded of societies expectations when eating. 

I Did It, I'm Sorry can be used as a mentoring book.  Tag up some of your needy 5th grade students with a struggling kinder or first grade student and allow them to read it together.  You are killing two birds with one stone by matching these amazing kids to help each other.  Being a positive role model to younger children is needed in our world.  Step up and shine!

I Did It. I'm Sorry.
By Caralyn Buehner

Respect - All people deserve a little bit of this.  

What If Everybody Did That?
By Ellen Javernick

Oops The Manners Guide for Girls by Nancy Holyoke cleverly guides young girls through embarrassing and developing times with friends and situations.  A great resource book for families.   Another great American Girl book.  

Manners by Aliki gives student is a scholastic book that allows kids to see manners in a comic strip format.  Beneficial for older children who enjoy independent reading.  

Dude, That's RUDE by Pamela Espeland and Elizabeth Verdick makes the topic of manners fun and easy to get!  The author doesn't hold back on explaining tooting, burps, nose picking, and nose blowing!  Laugh a little and enjoy learning more social skills with manners.

Dude, That's Rude!: (Get Some Manners) (Laugh & Learn®)
By Pamela Espeland, Elizabeth Verdick

Guide to Good Manners by Joelle Richa is a newer book on manners that dedicates a few pages to online and computer etiquette.  Families are grateful for these tips to inspire courteous and caring individuals who love technology to use manners.

My Dog Never Says Please by Suzanne Williams is a short story for K & 1st grade.  A simple story on manners to keep in your "Manners" bin.  

I Believe in Me: A Book of Affirmations
By Connie Bowen, Connie Bowen

Piggy Monday - A Tale About Manners by Suzanne Bloom is a funny read aloud that all students enjoy.  You can change the name of the teacher in the story to be YOU-   Make sure to take a stuffed pig (swine) with you when you read to children!!  

My Manners Matter by Pat Thomas is a great read aloud for pre-K-3.  The illustrations do a great job showing kids what good and bad manners looks like.   The book also explains that manners have changed over the years.  At the end it gives parents resources and ideas to help implement manners into homes.  


Great Joy (midi edition)
By Kate DiCamillo

Excellent Reading Counts book for independent reading. (4th grade level)

The Grumpling (Serendipity)
By Stephen Cosgrove