Pausing Pablo - Anger

Pablo will teach you to reflect instead of react when you are angry.  He has learned to communicate with words instead of punching, pushing, hitting, yelling, or becoming silent!  Anger is an important tool when you understand that is helps you understand yourself.  

Many children would love to stay home from school all day to play Minecraft or Roblox video games.  They are well aware of the pause button and recognize that these games have trained them to make faster decisions.   But do they understand the power of the most amazing piece of technology known to mankind – THE HUMAN BRAIN?   This powerful REMOTE Control is in charge of the human mouth, feet, arms, legs, and emotions!  Self-Control is needed when feelings become STRONG.   Here are 4 steps when teaching children how to use their brain for self-control over strong emotions.


1.  Pause: Hit the pause button of your brain and freeze.

2.  Notice:   Where do you feel strong emotions in your body?  You might have shaky hands, clenched fists, or a stomach ache.  Recognize how your body feels.  My Incredible Talking Body by Rebecca Bowen is a great book to explain this.  

3.  Name:  What strong feeling are you feeling?  Is it anger, rage, fear, worry, disappointment, frustration or depression? Go ahead and name it - “ I feel ________. “  

4.   Let it go:  Feelings are vibrations that often last 90 seconds. They change according to your thoughts. Anger can give you energy.  So take that energy and be productive with a walk, bike ride, or project to help release it.  Talking, writing, drawing, singing are just a few coping strategies that Pausing Pablo from Powerful You uses when he feels anger.  

Pablo knows when he needs to take a time out or when he is about to "flip his lid".  Watch the video below to understand your brain.

Go Fish: Swimming Toward Self Control
Franklin Learning Systems

Breathe and Stretch Exercised to teach children to PAUSE when they are frustrated.

Spinky Sulks
By William Steig
When I Feel Angry (Way I Feel Books)
By Cornelia Maude Spelman

Pablo would often escape to Australia whenever he needed to recoup, think over something,  or cope with feelings of frustration.

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How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger (Laugh & Learn)
By Elizabeth Verdick, Marjorie Lisovskis

Belly Breathing to calm the anger!

Rabbi and Psychiatrist, Dr Abraham Twerski, speaks about the three phases of anger. The feeling of anger when you are provoked, your reaction to this feeling, and then how long you hold onto this anger.

An excellent tool for professionals to use with children!

A Volcano in My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger
By Eliane Whitehouse, Warwick Pudney