Annoucing the Launch of Powerful You Primary! Our Newest Book for Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


5 Easy Steps to ENGAGE Kindergarten Students by Using Powerful You Primary:

There are two ways to ways to share knowledge.  You can put information out.  You can pull them in with a story.
— Anon

Here are the 5 steps:

1. Practice deep breathing and stretching. (practice this a lot!)     
2.  Read one of the 26 Powerful You Primary stories aloud to children.  Be the story teller by adding to it or changing it, but tell it like you know these 26 kids!   You are a powerful!  
3.  Say the positive self-talk like you mean it.  “A - I am attentive!” Instruct children to repeat this back to you.
4.  Role-play these social skills with fun and excitement.  Children love to hold the laminated educator cards and pretend to be In Control Cal or Zesty Zhen!  No perfection needed.  Clap for these actors and actresses.  
5.  Write or draw together.  Use the included thinking maps to help children organize their thoughts. Watch their writing scores go through the roof when children talk about feelings.

Each week introduce a new Powerful You kid. Quiz them to see if they remember the positive self-talk from previous lessons. Many children will proudly memorize the A-Z positive self-talk and use it during challenging times.

Primary Book (Kindergarten - 1)
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Here is Powerful You Primary In Action

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