Inspiring Izzie - Passion and Friendship

Izzie will help you discover your passion and encourage you to make new friends.

Those Shoes
By Maribeth Boelts

Have you ever felt left out because you don't fit in?  Have you ever picked on someone because they are different?  This story will point out the similarities and differences in others.   It is ok to be yourself and think for yourself.  Don't be afraid to show off what you've got.  Be an inspiring leader, instead of a follower.  Be true to yourself and you will be successful.  

Carla's Sandwich
By Debbie Herman
Enemy Pie (Reading Rainbow book)
By Derek Munson
Nobody Likes Me!
By Raoul Krischanitz, Rosemary Lanning
Ish (Creatrilogy)
By Peter H. Reynolds
GRADES 3-6rebecca wells