Getting Started Guide

Powerful You for Educators

Powerful You is an easy-to use, comprehensive social skills program that can be used in a group or classroom setting. Students will gain empathy and connection, which will reduce bullying and playground problems. There are different components to Powerful You which include free classroom videos, lesson plans, and our classroom aids developed by request for educators just like you. Teaching SEL and having a calm, productive and happy class will be easier than ever with the Powerful You Educator Cards for Elementary School, Powerful You Primary Educator Cards for younger students, Classroom SEL Skill Cards, as well as our books - Powerful You and Breathe and Stretch on the Beach.  So where to get started? How about with the WHY?

3 Reasons to Choose Powerful You

  1. A relationship builder that provides 26 proactive classrooms lessons to reduce discipline issues in the classroom in just 30 minutes per week.

  2. A team-building tool that allows kids to interact with classmates and share what is happening in their personal lives.

  3. An affordable social/emotional curriculum that integrates yoga and mindfulness in each lesson.

Hear Mrs. Frizzi, the Creator of Powerful You Explain How to Use Powerful You in the Classroom


Educator Resources

Here are ways to incorporate Powerful You into your classroom

ASCA National Standards

Powerful You follows the ASCA, to see how click here.

Annual Calendar - FREE

Get organized by creating an annual calendar with your monthly themes. To get a sneak peek at my calendar for the year, click here.

Powerful You Brochure - FREE

To access a free brochure that will show you all the steps for powerful you, click here.

Classroom Skill Signs

The Classroom Skill Signs include every child from the Powerful You book with helpful classroom tips for students. Each sign has one child, letters A-Z. Each sign can be purchased  as digital download that you can print and use or you can get the entire set of physical signs that we will mail to you. It will help reinforce the lessons from the Powerful You book. Learn more here

Community Resources - FREE

If you are local to Southwest Florida, I have compiled a list of community resources to help your students and parents.

Student Survey for Data Collection - FREE

Use the Powerful You Survey before giving the lessons in the Powerful You book for data collection. Access here.

Journaling Ideas - FREE

Get corresponding journaling ideas for your classroom and Powerful You

Just Breathe Video

Learn how to breathe with Mrs. Frizzi.

Learn 4 ways to bring breathing into your classroom.
Elementary counselors share their love for Powerful You - A resource book for counselors.