Instead of Tattles after recess, Teach Kids to REPORT The Goodness in Others.

Reporting Roxy from Powerful You

Reporting Roxy from Powerful You

Do you take the time to slow down and notice the goodness around you?  Do you see determination, kindness, grit, generosity, patience, energy, honesty, fairness, or compassion?
Many children and adults are quick to see the faults in others and enjoy "tattling" to friends.  Later, we somehow feel guilty and wish we'd stayed quiet.   Training our brain to see goodness will take the guilt out of life.  Instead of noticing others weaknesses, look for their strengths and shout it out to the world.  Teaching children REPORTING skills early on will help them live a life full of friends and contentment, instead of guilt and frustration.
Reporting Roxy from Powerful You understands the 3 reporting rules. 

  1. Report Danger.

  2. Report Bullies.

  3. Report the Goodness in Others. YES!! After recess, train children to come in and report one good thing they noticed!

Reporting Roxy’s positive self-talk is, “I report the goodness in others.”   After memorizing this affirmation, children will slowly look for good things happening around them.  Tattles will slowly dwindle.