Powerful You - A Comprehensive School Counseling Program

A- Adjusting Anna - Managing Change in Life

A- Adjusting Anna - Managing Change in Life

Hello School Counselors,

I am THRILLED to help you develop your personalized POWERFUL YOU Wellness Program for kids! Below you will find the 2019-20 counseling calendar and student survey to begin your year. After that, watch the Powerful You Training Video to learn the 7 simple steps to follow for success. I have enjoyed adding free yoga videos that can be used with each of the 26 A-Z lessons! This proactive, repetitive emotional wellness program was designed to help you spend more time connecting and bonding with children and less time worrying and stressing.

Meet the 26 A-Z Primary Kids Here.

Meet the 26 A-Z Intermediate Kids Here.

Powerful You Training Video - 7 Simple Steps

#1 Review: Use the educator cards from previous lessons to instruct children to repeat the positive self-talk. For example, if you taught lesson A & B from Powerful You Primary, Say, “A - I am attentive. - B - I am brave.” Encourage classes to memorize the A-Z positive self-talk.

#2 State the Objective: Use the table of contents to decide the learning goal. Say, “Today you will learn _____.”

#3 Breathe & Stretch (Self-Regulate): Breathing is the most organic and free coping strategy known to humans! BUT, IT MUST BE PRACTICED! Use the book Breathe and Stretch on the Beach or find a free video on my website.

#4 Share Powerful You Story!: Display the educator card and read the true story. Children connect with the large colorful picture and relate to each Powerful You kid.

#5 Practice Positive Self Talk: Teach children to talk to their brain by saying these positive phrases in their head.

#6 Turn and Talk: Use the journaling questions to allow kids to share coping strategies, feelings, and stories.

For the younger children, use the practice section or brainstorm social emotional thinking maps from Powerful You Primary.

#7 Make it Your Own: Add your favorite activities, Powerful You classroom signs, books, and videos!

THANK YOU for being here, and remember that you are more powerful than you will ever know! Powerful You!!

Much Appreciation and gratitude,

Julie Frizzi, School Counselor


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Annual School Counselor Calendar

Are you wondering how to incorporate the lessons from Powerful You? Look no further. Get your very own copy of the Powerful You 2019-2020 Annual Guidance Calendar

Student Surveys

Student Surveys are an excellent way to establish a baseline as well as to track progress over time. Below are two surveys for your use: one for Primary Students and the other for Grades 2+.


Here is What School Counselors are saying about  Powerful You!


Hear what these Elementary School Counselors have to say as their share their love for Powerful You!

  • More peace, less planning

  • More connection, less withdrawing

  • More coping strategies, less classroom disruption

  • More energy, less burn out

  • More focus, less distractions

  • More breathing, less stress

  • More movement, less boredom

  • More presence, less worry



Powerful You For Primary School: Kindergarten and Grade 1:

Primary Book (Kindergarten - 1)
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Powerful You Resources for Grade 2+:


Additional Powerful You Tools:

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